1st UAS Workshop
“UAS for mapping and monitoring”
September 05-07, 2018 in Warsaw, Poland


  • UAS applications in mapping & 3D reconstruction of land surfaces:

Mapping of land tenure, Photogrammetric mapping, Digital elevation modelling

  • UAS in urban studies & modelling:

3D city modelling, urban inventories, green roof inventories, thermal studies

  • UAS in rural monitoring:

Agriculture, Forestry, Natura 2000 monitoring, surface quarries & mining, wetland
monitoring, protected zones (e.g.polar zones), touristic development, coastal protection

  • UAS in natural resources inventory:

Geomorphology, geology, hydrology, hyper spectral data

  • UAS in security & emergency support:

Oil spill monitoring, disaster control, real-time emergency mapping;

  • UAS in cultural heritage & archaeology:

Cultural monument conservation, archaeology, monitoring protected sites

  • Quality of data collection using UAS:

Integration of the autopilot with the UAS platform, integration of sensor shutter with
exact GPS position, sensor specifications and limitations , types of UAS platforms,
flight parameters, calibration and optical resolution,

  • UAS operation regulations:

European and national regulations, regulations in developing countries